VACANT – by Emily Richards

  • Unsettling experience
  • First-person point of view
  • Horror influences
  • Sublime
  • Odd angles and shaky cinematography
  • Replicate feelings of first encounter with the building
  • Jump scares
  • Questions for the viewers:
    • Does your heart drop at any point in the video?
    • Do you question the purpose of the inclusion of some scenes?
    • Is there any way to enhance the connection between the sound and the visuals?
    • Are there any sounds that seem ‘out of place’ or ‘cliche’?

4 thoughts on “VACANT – by Emily Richards

  1. When we watched this in class it was honestly my favorite one of the day. I really love the way you used the audio to turn the simple footage in to some thing that is reminiscent of horror. I do not have many corrections since they were said in class the other day. I think the absence of people in the video really adds to the overall creepy and tense feeling of the video. Even though the sounds are a little “cliche” they work really well and round out the video. I personally think the ending could be even more “Oh my gosh” and maybe include another jump scare, but other than that I think your video is great!


  2. I love this! The whole video is extremely well done and had me on the edge of my seat with the way you montaged your clips and incorporated sound overtop. The way you edited the video created a suspenseful feel that was not cliché or unoriginal. One part that could be changed is when the camera keeps focusing on the light in the corner of the stairwell. This could be shortened so it does not last longer or have more importance than the other shots.


  3. Emily – this project was incredibly well done. You made the audience sit on the edge of their seat with anticipation of the unknown. I specifically like the scene that reminded me of the Shining; to also find out that you did that intentionally and the audience picked up on it, shows your artistic and creative talent. The audio that accompanied the video was well timed and executed. I do not even have any suggestions for improvements. Great work! – Erin


  4. This reminds me of a good horror video game, though I don’t play them often. My heart dropped whenever you had a sudden movement and loud noise. However I also found myself, like with anything horror related, anticipating the next scare. This is of course a horror movie makers strongest weapon in their arsenal, too many horror movies now-a-days rely on jump scares as their sole driver of fear. Never underestimate the power of anticipation and dragging it out can make the film all the more scary. This was a cool and fun video.


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