Eye see you *budum tss*

Another direction I would like to explore in my upcoming digital art is similar to the content of Saccstry’s works. She melds cute, innocent figures and portraits with disturbing imagery, such as disease and gore. This work in particular shows a young girl who has a diamond embedded in one of her eyes. The image makes the viewer feel uneasy yet intrigued as it touches on elements of the… SUBLIME [insert Josh’s maniacal laugh here]. While my digital art may not be as detailed or advanced as Saccstry’s, I would like to convey the same content and color scheme.

Creds: http://saccstry.deviantart.com/art/Eyemond-476086657


I Feel You Bro.

So…my interest in digital media is pretty much explained in this work by Cioccolatodorima. First, the color palette is light and PINK. The romantic aura that is reminiscent of shoujo manga provides a contrast to the bold, prominent quote, “I Feel You Bro.” While the characters’ intimate embrace portray sincere emotions, there is humor that almost mocks the meaning of the mainstream quote. The viewer also questions the gender of the characters because they do not have hair, but honestly, it should not matter whether they are male or female or other. Thus, my interest in digital media focuses on people as subject matter, along with “effeminate” style, with a sprinkle of humor.

Creds: http://www.deviantart.com/art/I-FEEL-YOU-BRO-Shoujo-ver-659705096

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